About Us

Beautiful, Artistically Refinished Wood Furniture

Our Passion

We love what we do for a living – and we think it shows in our work.

We transform existing furniture, cabinetry, doors, moldings & trim into beautiful pieces that compliment your space.

Our customers like the results – and believe that you will too!

If you love personalizing your living environment to reflect your individuality – let us transform your furniture to compliment your surroundings.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to artistically blend the technical aspects of wood refinishing in a manner that delivers a visually appealing result and features improved performance characteristics of the coating system for long lasting results. 
Coating technology has improved dramatically since many furniture pieces were originally purchased.  This is especially true when we get requests to refinish family heirlooms and / or antiques whose coating systems have expired.
Many refinishing pros recommend entry level coating systems to keep their prices competitive – and offer themselves a user friendly application approach – their finishes will look great upon delivery, but are deficient in key aspects needed for long term durability.
We avoid this type of approach – instead we recommend better quality, modern coating systems.  These systems benefit our customers with great visual appeal while offering improved durability.
Read what our customers have to say about our work – their testimonials speak for our work.      Read our testimonials
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