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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
Kitchen Remodel w/ African Mahogany & Hightlight Toner

Factory Finishes offer
Superior Value

We Are An Excellent Choice

If you are interested in renovating your kitchen cabinets, and shopping to see what your options are, we believe we are an excellent choice for your consideration.

We Are Kitchen Refinishing Specialists

Refinishing kitchen cabinets on site, whether stain grade or paint grade, is best handled by a specialist; so selecting a qualified applicator, skilled in refurbishing cabinets should be a homeowner’s top priority.

We will help you realize your creative vision without compromising performance.

We Offer the Best Products

We offer high quality factory finishes which significantly outperform architectural coatings: better washability, better scratch & mar resistance, and superior resistance to spills of all kind.

Superior Performance

Architectural  coatings look great but were never designed for heavy duty, daily use in kitchens, so typically have a much shorter useful serviceable life. We think this is an important point to consider.

More Options

Factory finishes offer the largest color palette from which to choose – you aren’t ask to compromise color or durability – and factory finishes are surprisingly affordable – making them the best value on the market.

Best Value

Factory finished kitchen cabinets look beautiful, have exceptional durability, retain their value, and become a selling point should you decide to move.

If you find our approach a good investment – give us a call – we’ll create a proposal that helps you realize your vision.

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