What Our Customers Say –

Alex Rodriguez has refinished several pieces of antique furniture for us. The list includes a cherry wood room table, mahogany bed frames, two dressers (oak and burl wood), and a side table.

His work is exquisite. All the pieces come back looking like works of art.

I really view Alex more as an artist than a furniture refinisher.

He is a perfectionist who truly loves his work, and it shows.

He is reliable, trustworthy, and a very nice human being.

John C.  – Walnut Creek, CA.

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“Alex, the owner of Furniture Tech, did a truly outstanding job on our staining project.  We just finished a craftsman-style remodel of our Sunset District home, and installed lots of fancy African mahogany woodwork throughout the house:  new baseboards, molding, wainscot, doors, windows, beams, decorative trim, and so on.

We hired Alex to stain all the woodwork.  He did amazingly high-quality work each step of the way:  choosing staining products that were the perfect color, sheen, and texture; taping around all the woodwork to protect the surrounding walls; filling nail holes and painting them to match the surrounding wood; sanding carefully before applying a coat of stain to ensure that it would stick well to the surface; and so on.

The result is beautiful.  If I were grading Alex’s work, I’d give it an A+.  I honestly can’t imagine anyone doing a better job, and I’d hire Alex again in a heartbeat if I had another staining project”.

Dennis W.  – San Francisco, CA.

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“I was planning to interview two potential refinishers for the dining room table that finally came to me after decades in our family home and then more decades with my mother, after Dad died.

But when I saw the concern Alex paid to the table as he examined the many years of wear and tear, I knew I had the right person for the job.

His hands touched the table with almost as much care and gentleness as my own- you’d have thought he shared all the fond memories it brought back to me.

It wasn’t an easy job. A prior “restoration” had taken a toll, but Alex delivered to my house a table that was more beautiful than the one I have in memory. The cost was reasonable, and the result was priceless”.

Thank you, Alex.

Jacqueline T.  –  Oakland CA.

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