Wood Bar Tops & Table Tops

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A Better Engineered System

Wood bar tops, and wood restaurant tables really add a nice ambiance for customer dining experiences in restaurants & bars, but can drive owners daft with frequently recurring maintenance issues.

The constant exposure of clear finishes in contact with silverware, china, glasses etc. can leave unsightly scratches that detracts from the dining experience.

Sweaty glasses, spills of all kind – particularly alcohol, and regular cleaning between service usually takes a toll on most clear wood finishes.

Condiments, especially mustard, vinegar, and hot salsas are known to quickly attack clear finishes – and in a commercial environment this is troublesome.

Commercial woodwork – bar tops, table tops & chairs need an ultra high performance clear coating system so maintenance doesn’t become a recurring problem.

If you have a bar top or permanently affixed woodwork like dining booths that need attention, life can get complicated fast – you need to have work performed to keep your establishment visually appealing, but you don’t want to temporarily close your business and lose revenue while work is performed.

Most finishes require temporary closing because high performing finishes emit offensive odors while drying.

Our approach to finishing bar tops and permanently affixed woodwork allows work to be performed after hours and continue business operations without interruption until the project is completed.

Our approach uses an ultra high performance clear coat system with maximum physical performance properties that will provide years of useful service – a great value that minimizes recurring maintenance. 

S0 – if you own a restaurant or bar, and are in the market for a great solution, give us a call. We’d be delighted to give you a quote.

Give us a call – We’re available for consultation

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